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A Winning Alliance:
CXL & BMW Group Belux

Ever wondered what happens when industry leaders collaborate? Since 2017, our partnership with BMW Group Benelux has redefined customer experiences, showcasing adaptability during challenging times and achieving milestones that resonate with excellence. 
From enhancing the BMW driver journey to achieving standout First Contact Resolution Rates for their financial services department, our story is one of relentless pursuit of perfection. 
Explore the layers of this exceptional collaboration by downloading our detailed case study.

Omni-Channel and process-driven service provision for the city of Brussels

A large European capital municipality has embraced a forward-thinking approach by employing CC4Teams, along with the integration of CC4Dynamics and Power BI. This move stems from the city’s commitment to becoming a modern and innovative hub, dedicated to serving its diverse range of stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, commerce, and commuters. The goal is to cater to their unique needs and provide tailored products and services. The city also places a strong emphasis on aligning its services with the expectations and requirements of its citizens.

In the autumn of 2022, the city transitioned a significant portion of its administrative services to a state-of-the-art administrative center located at its core. This strategic relocation has paved the way for enhanced operational efficiency and a fresh service delivery approach. Key elements include integration, omnichannel capabilities, citizen-centricity, digitalization, and efficiency.

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